How to Send Gift in Fortnite Battle Royale

Finally, the option to send gifts to your friends has arrived in Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royal. In the recent version, you’ll be able to send a gift in Fortnite. That’s very easy to do and we’ll teach you how you can do it. Just read the entire post to learn all the steps.

how to send gift in fortnite

Actually, the option to send a gift in Fortnite started on the 4.5 version but had not been enabled. Until the latest release (version 6.31) it was made available. This feature is limited to skins, emotes, outfits, and other cosmetic items. And you are only allowed to send a maximum of three gifts in a day.

Despite the limitation, it is a new feature that makes the Fortnite fans excited about. Imagine, you can send an item to your friends and be able to receive one as well. That is so amazing!

The question now is, how can you send a gift in Fortnite? That’s pretty easy to do. If you can’t wait to know the process, then let’s begin. But first, update your game or download the latest version from Epic Games.

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Send Gift in Fortnite

A new feature in Fortnite Battle Royale is the gifting. If you want to send an item to your Fortnite friends, you have to remember the following things:

  • You must first enable the multi-function on your account.
  • You can only send a gift if you are friends with another player for 48 hours.
  • A maximum of three gifts for a period of 24 hours.
  • You will pay for the gift you want to send and there is no refund option for those gifts.

If you have met these requirements, then you are ready to give gifts to your friends. Let us now get to know the process.

Step 1. Go to the Item Shop and see what is the available items to purchase.

Step 2. Choose which item you want to purchase and click the button “Buy as a Gift.”

Step 3. From your friends’ list, select the one who you would like to send the gift and then continue.

Step 4. Next, click the “Send” button if you want to send it right away. You also have the option to enter a personal message and change the color of the box.

Congrats! You just sent a gift in Fortnite to one of your friends. When your friend opened Fortnite, he/she will get your message and receive your gift.

In Conclusion

Sending gift to your Fortnite friends is an amazing experience. Fortnite Battle Royale is also available on other devices such as smartphones, PS4, and Xbox One. The process of sending gift is just similar as the one we have shown you.

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