African-American Delawareans who served our country

Citizens of Delaware Who Served the Confederacy

Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame, Includes many military aviators from Delaware.

Delaware Air National Guard Profiles, short biographies of DANG people through the years

Delaware Biographies, Includes many military biographies

Delaware's United States Colored Troops & Sailors, Civil War

Delaware Medal of Honor Recipients, Listing includes those buried in Delaware.

Delaware National Guard Campsite Names, honoring Delaware National Guardsmen

Delaware National Guard Leadership, The roster of Adjutants General, Assistants, Senior Enlisted
advisors, and other leadership positions in the Delaware Guard and Militia through the years.

Delaware Women in the military

Fighting' Blue Hen Hall of Heroes, University of Delaware, Army Reserve Officers Training Corps
members who were commissioned at Delaware, and later served in leadership positions, and/or had
special accomplishments.

Hometown Heroes of the First State, compiled by C. Douglas Sterner

A list of
Spanish American War Veterans buried in Delaware

Pioneers of the Delaware Air National Guard by Kennard Wiggins

Southern Delaware Heroes of World War II, compiled by James Diehl

Delaware War Dead,
Revolutionary War
Civil War
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World War II

Individual Delawareans who have made a difference

Revolutionary War

Richard Basset, Patriot, Revolutionary War soldier, Governor of Delaware

Cheney Clow, Delaware Loyalist during the Revolution, insurrectionist hanged for murder

Thomas Collins, Brigadier General Delaware Militia, Revolutionary War

General John Dagworthy, Commander, Sussex County Militia, French and Indian Wars,
Revolutionary War

Colonel John Haslet (1727 - 1777), French and Indian, Revolutionary War

Robert Kirkwood, Soldier Revolutionary War

Caesar Rodney, officer of the Delaware militia during French and Indian War and  American

Barbary Pirates, War of 1812

Colonel Samuel Boyer Davis, Defender of Lewes, War of 1812

Boatswain's Mate Reuben James, Barbary Campaign, War of 1812

Commodore Jacob Jones, Barbary Pirate captive, hero of War of 1812,

Commodore Thomas MacDonough, Tripoli, War of 1812, Hero of Lake Champlain

Civil War

Lieutenant Samuel Boyer Davis, Confederate Spy, Civil War

Major General Henry duPont, 1812-1889, Adjutant General Delaware Militia

Henry Algernon du Pont, Medal of Honor Recipient, Civil War, U.S. Senator

Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont, Mexican War, Civil War

Rear Admiral Purnell Frederick Harrington, US Navy, Civil War, Spanish-American War

Henry Hayes Lockwood, Civil War Union General

Captain James Postles, Medal of Honor Recipient at Gettysburg, Adjutant General

Thomas Alfred Smyth, Major General Union Army, last general killed in Civil War

Lorenzo Thomas, Union Adjutant General Civil War, Secretary of War

William Tillman, African-American Seaman, A Story of High Seas Heroism

Major General Alfred T. A. Torbert, Union General, Civil War

James Harrison Wilson, Union General, Engineer, Cavalry, Civil War, Spanish American War,
Boxer Rebellion

World War I

William Berl Jr., Captain of Company G, 59th Pioneer Infantry, 1919 Diary

Colonel S.B.I. Duncan, Punitive Expedition to Mexico, WWI, WWII

Lt. James Allison O'Daniel, Aviator, First Delawarean Killed in World War I

World War II

Rose Alesiani A “Rosie the Riveter”at Bellanca Aircraft Corporation

Maj. Gen. Clarence E, "Ed" Atkinson,  Founder, Delaware Air National Guard, former Adjutant
General of Delaware

Major David P. Buckson, DE ARNG Commander, South Pacific WWII, Lt. Governor

Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Charles I. Carpenter, First Chief of Air Force Chaplains, WWII

Roman A. "Ray" Ciesinski, WWII POW anti-tank gun crewman, Patton's army

Ruth Haddick Dorsman, World War II Army Nurse, European Theater

General Richard Hastings Ellis, WWII and  commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command

Ethel Meyer Finley (1921 - 2006) was a Womans Airforce Service Pilot (WASP).

Virginia “Scotty” Bradley Gough, was a Womans Airforce Service pilot (WASP).

Forrest Guth, Parachutist, 101st Airborne, "Band of Brothers" WWII

Diary of Lt. Col. David B. Harrington, serving with the 198th Coast Artillery on Bora Bora

Diary of Private Louis V. Hester, serving in the South Pacific with the 198th Coast Artillery

General Thomas Holcomb, 17th Commandant of the US Marine Corps, WWII,

Rear Admiral John Elwood Lee, United States Navy Submariner, Winner of three Navy Crosses

Lucile Petry Leone, Director of the United States Cadet Nurse Corps, World War II

Thomas Lodge, 198th Coast Artillery, WWII

Wallace B. McCafferty, USAF aviator, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Bendix Race 1955

Lt. Col. David F. McCallister Jr. WWII, Korea, DE ANG leader, race winner, record setter

Littleton Mitchell, Tuskegee Airman, WWII

Louisa Spruance Morse was a Civil Air Patrol ground instructor in World War II and commander of
the Delaware Wing for 23 years.

LTG John Wilson "Iron Mike" O’Daniel, U. S. Army, Mexican border, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Lt. Gen. Robert Houston Pepper, USMC WWII Base Defense Pioneer

Lt. General Eugene Reybold U.S. Army, Chief of Engineers, WWII

Colonel George J. Schulz, Commanding Officer of the 198th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) WWII

Capt. James R. Shotwell Jr,WWII aviator,  DE ANG jet pilot, killed in line of duty

Julian Constable Smith, Lieutenant General, United States Marine Corps, Nicaragua, WWII

Brig. Gen. William W. Spruance (Ret.), WWII, Founder of Delaware Air Guard

Major George S. Welch, WWII triple ace, Pearl Harbor hero, test pilot,

SSgt Kennard R. Wiggins Sr, WWII USAAF ball turrent gunner B-24, Italy

Korean War

Capt. Paul N. Dill, U.S. Army, WWI, Korea MIA

Lieutenant General William H. Duncan, Commander of the 261st Signal Command, DE ARNG

Brig. Gen. William F. Hutchison, Korean War jet pilot, Commander DE ANG

Kenneth Rowe (No Kum-Sok), North Korean defector, Univ. of DE engineering student

George R. "Taps" Taylor, Korean War Vet, Bugler


James J. Connell, Lieutenant Commander, Naval Aviator, POW Vietnam, Navy Cross

Nancy Lynch, Delaware author, journalist "Vietnam Mailbag"

Brigadier General Jon A. Reynolds, USAF, Aviator, PhD. POW Vietnam

BG Ronald B. Stewart, Asst. Adjutant General, Aviator, Vietnam
Colonel (Ret.) James R. Sulpizi, Pioneer of Army National Guard Aviation

Gulf War, Iraq/Afghanistan

Major General Hugh T. Broomall, Special Assistant to the Director, Air National Guard.

Senior Airman Elizabeth A. Loncki, US Air Force, KIA Iraq 2007

Carol Anne Timmons, Brig. Gen. First Delaware National Guard female general officer, Gulf War,
Iraq, Afghanistan

Brigadier General Ernest G. Talbert, Delaware National Guard's first black general

Major General Frank Vavala, The Adjutant General, Delaware, Chairman, National Guard
Association of the United States, Former President, Adjutants General Association of the United
Brigadier General Terry L. Wiley, Former Assistant Adjutant General DE ARNG, Chairman
Delaware Military Heritage and Education Foundation
Delaware Military History