Delaware Military History
Delaware and the United States Navy/Marine Corps

The Navy at Cape Henlopen, A Century of Service, from 1898 to 1996.

Notable sailors and marines

James J. Connell, Lieutenant Commander, Naval Aviator, POW Vietnam, Navy Cross

Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont, Mexican War, Civil War

Rear Admiral Purnell Frederick Harrington, US Navy, Civil War, Spanish-American War

General Thomas Holcomb, 17th Commandant of the US Marine Corps, WWII,

Boatswain's Mate Reuben James, Barbary Campaign, War of 1812

Commodore Jacob Jones, Barbary Pirate captive, hero of War of 1812,

Rear Admiral John Elwood Lee, United States Navy Submariner, Winner of three Navy Crosses

Commodore Thomas MacDonough, Tripoli, War of 1812, Hero of Lake Champlain

Lt. Gen. Robert Houston Pepper, USMC WWII Base Defense Pioneer

Julian Constable Smith, Lieutenant General, United States Marine Corps , Nicaragua, WWII

William Tillman, African-American Seaman, A Story of High Seas Heroism

Ships, Shipbuilding

USS Delaware, U.S. Navy Battleship and namesakes

USS DuPont, U.S. Navy Destroyer and namesakes

USS Wilmington, 1897 gunboat

Pusey and Jones, Wilmington shipbuilder, Civil War to WWII

SC-1 Subchaser, Jackson and Sharp shipbuilders, Wilmington

World War II Naval Vessels from Dravo Shipyards, Wilmington, Delaware

Kalmar Nyckel, Swedish warship, 1638