DuPont Airfield

In 1924, a private airfield was established here by Henry B. duPont. Charles
Lindbergh landed here in October 1927. With Richard duPont’s purchase of
controlling interest in All-American Aviation, and Henry duPont’s establishment
of Atlantic Aviation in 1938, the airfield was expanded, becoming one of the most
modern privately owned public-use facilities in the country. Though civil flights
were restricted during World War II, the DuPont Airfield continued to prosper as
a flight training site for the Navy and as a base for the Civil Air Patrol. It was an
important site for development and testing of military experimental projects. Space
limitations led to the transfer of most operations following the war. The final
flight from DuPont Airfield was in 1958. The site was used by the DuPont
Company for construction of the Barley Mill research and development center.

Courtesy Delaware Archives
Delaware Military History