Delaware Air National Guard

Deployments generally last fifteen or more days.  Exercises are usually shorter.  The incomplete list below
attempts to capture the activities of the 166th AW.

1947        The unit's first annual field training encampment at New Castle was scheduled for July 20-August
3, 1947. It was cancelled just two weeks prior due to a lack of appropriated funds from Congress. A five-day
training encampment was held in September in lieu of this cancelled field training encampment. The
September camp included gunnery exercises and practice bombing missions as well as ground training and
marksmanship for the enlisted personnel.

A well publicized Air show and base open house was held in perfect flying weather at New Castle on
August 2, 1947 featuring aerobatics and parachutists to mark Air Force Day, the slogan of which was "Air
Power is Peace". About 2600 people came to witness the free event. This was the first time the Delaware Air
Guard demonstrated its aircraft, equipment and capabilities to the public, with a mass formation of F-47s,
along with the squadron's utility flight, some 28 airplanes in all; cargo drops from the C-47 and static
displays on the ground.

1949        Home Station Summer Encampment 13-27 August, including a 20 ship cross country to
Columbus Ohio

1951        Some four and half years after its initial founding, the 142nd Fighter Squadron (J), 1 February
1951, Special Order No. 1 activated the Delaware Air National Guard for federal service to serve for 21
months during the
Korean War.  Twenty five officers and about 100 airmen eventually served overseas,
mostly in Korea. Nineteen pilots saw combat. One pilot was killed in action, and one was missing and
presumed dead.

1952        The 142nd participated in a Washington DC parade for General Douglas MacArthur in 1952
making three passes with 22 jets of the 113th Fighter Interceptor Wing led by  Lt Col Ross Adams over the
parade route down Pennsylvania Avenue.

1953        The 142nd held its first post-war encampment at McGuire AFB New Jersey, in August 1953,
labeled in polite protest, "Operation Muzzle Loader" in homage to their antique F-51 aircraft.

1954        Nine of the unit's men piloted their planes on a routine cross country training flight to Boston,
Logan Airport where they dined with their counterparts om the Massachusetts Air Guard. The units'
second post Korean War summer encampment was in 1954 at Cape Cod at Otis AFB, the final hurrah for
the F-51's.

1956     July, Major David F. McCallister (142nd Fighter Bomber Squadron Commander) set a fighter record
by flying his F-86 Sabre jet 1,922 miles in three hours, 30 minutes, from California to New Orleans to win
Earl T. Ricks Memorial Trophy.

1957    Annual field training was conducted at Travis Field, Savannah Georgia on July 13-27 with the 113th

1957      Ten Delaware Air Guardsmen participated in nuclear tests at the Nevada nuclear test site in Indian
Springs in August 1957.

1958    Annual field training was conducted at Travis Field, Savannah Georgia on July 20-Aug 3 with the
113th FIW.

1959        Annual field training was conducted at Travis Field, Savannah Georgia on July 11-25 with the
113th FIW.

1965        Operation Christmas Star USO Tour (Bob Hope)
1969        Operation Papa Noel, Lajes AFB Azores
1973        Exotic Dancer VI Camp Lejeune NC
1973        Elmendorf AFB AK
1974        Solid Shield, Pope AFB NC
1975        Pope AFB, NC
1976        Pease AFB, NH
1976        Solid Shield, Pope AFB NC
1977        Savannah GA Annual Field training
1978        Volant Oak, Panama
1978        Brave Shield XVII, Nellis AFB NV
1978        Savannah GA Annual Field Training
1979        Torrejon Spain
1979        Savannah GA Annual Field Training
1979        Volant Oak, Panama
1980        Pope AFB NC
1980        Sentry Medic, Delaware
1980        Volant Oak Panama, and Nicaragua Relief Mission
1981        Torrejon Spain
1981        Border Star TX        
1981        Red Flag, Nellis AFB NV
1982        Volant Oak Panama
1982        Red Flag 82-4, Nellis AFB NV
1983        Red Flag, Nellis AFB NV
1983        Maple Flag XI, Alberta Canada
1983        Volant Oak Panama (2X)
1985        Pope AFB NC
1986        Torrejon Spain
1986        Sentry Rodeo, Pope AFB NC
1986        Volant Rodeo, Pope AFB NC
1986        Volant Oak Panama and earthquake relief to El Salvador
1986        Volk Field Wisconsin
1987        Tucson AR HET Training
1987        Sentry Rodeo Pope AFB NC
1988        Savannah GA
1988        Hurlburt Field FL 166 SPS
1988        Volant Oak Panama
1989        Operation Cowboy, Zaragoza Spain
1989        Randy Travis USO Tour
1989        Lee Greenwood USO Tour
1989        Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders USO Tour
1989        Operation Medflag, Gabon
1989        AHAS TARA, JCS Event Honduras
1989        Operation Just Cause Panama
1990        Sentry Rodeo, Pope AFB NC
1990        Sentry Independence, Volk Field WI
1990        Pacific Medic Sentry Hawaii
1990        Operation Badge Torch 90-2, Koral AB, Thailand
1990        Hurlburt Field FL 166 SPS
1990        Desert Shield, United Arab Emirates
1991         Fuertes Caminos 92, Honduras, 166 SPS
1991        Hurlburt Field FL 166 SPS
1991        Desert Storm, Saudi Arabia
1992        Volant Oak Panama
1992        Volk Field WI
1992        Savannah GA
1992        Pacific Medic Sentry Hawaii
1992        Sentry Pacific Exercise Hawaii
1992        RAF Alconbury England 166 CES
1993        Operation Restore Hope, Egypt, Somalia
1993        Gulfport MS, Pope AFB and North Field NC (longest ORI, part 1)
1993        Phoenix Partner, Mildenhall RAF England
1993        Phoenix Oak, Panama
1993        Operation Night Rider, Camp Smith NJ, 166SPS
1994        Provide Promise, Frankfurt Germany
1994        NAS Key West FL, 166 SPS
1994        Airlift Rodeo, McChord AFB WA
1994        Operation Blue Light, Ft. Dix NJ 166 SPS
1994        Coronet Oak, Panama
1994        Alpena MI
1994        Gulfport MS, McGuire AFB NJ (longest ORI, part 2)
1994        Support Hope, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda
1995        Coronet Oak, Panama
1995        Gulfport MS
1995         Ramstein Germany 166SPS
1995        Operation Nomad Vigil, Germany
1995        Broken Body NATO Exercise 142 AES
1995        Operation Bull Frog, Warren Grove Range, NJ 166 SPS
1996        Operation Southern Watch, Muscat Oman
1996        Operation Joint Endeavor, Ramstein Germany
1996        Airlift Rodeo, McChord AFB WA
1996        Operation Blue Light 96, Warren Grove NJ 166 SPS
1996        Coronet Oak, Panama
1996        MARE Major Accident Response Exercise, Lum’s Pond DE
2001        Coronet Oak, Puerto Rico
2001         Joint Forge, Germany
2002        Coronet Oak, Puerto Rico
2002        Joint Forge, Germany
2003        Joint Forge, Germany
2004        Joint Forge, Germany
2005         Coronet Oak, Puerto Rico
2007        Joint Forge, Germany (projected)
Delaware Military History