Delaware Military History
Delaware Air National Guard Poetry, Prose, and Business

"Just a Stooge"  (For wingmen and shoe clerks)
Author unknown, May 1957

I am a wingman, I fly on the right,
I'm not that important, just part of the flight.
I never speak up, lest I have some regrets,
But I have to remember what the leader forgets.

When we go cross country, in our swept wing machines,
I figure the flight plan and arrange for the queens.
My leader is busy after landing us there,
So I fill them with gas and charge up the air.

I tell him our position on the darkest of nights,
While flying formation on his blinding lights.
And making a let-down I'm supposed to recite,
the altimeter and winds to the following flight.

My join-ups are fast-formation is good,
And I try to fly where he says I should.
But it gets a bit binding in weather conditions,
'Cause he usually ends up in unusual positions.

But I'll stick to my leader, and buy him his cokes,
And laugh with great gusto at his corny jokes.
And if I'm on mobile when his landings get rusty,
I'll come through with"Gawd", but it's sure getting gusty."

All in all I'm a flunky, I'm just a stooge,
As I fly on the right of the man I call Scrooge.
But his days are numbered and he's had his fun,
"Cause he's going to Wing and
I'll be Red One!

Last Formation
Author unknown, March 1959

I'd like to have a moment. Sir,
Up here close to You.
To talk about the things I've done
And things I've yet to do.

At times I've left formation,
To peel off and slip away,
When, "Move in. Close that gap up."
Was the order of the day.

I didn't need a compass,
No, not me. I thought I knew,
So I've cursed and made excuses,
When my field was overdue.

But each time I've lost my way,Sir,
From my flight of fellow men,
You've found and brought me safely
to formation once again.

And I know that You are watching, Sir,
As I walk Your walls of air,
For the majesty of Heaven,
Is about me everywhere.

And when You form Your squadron, Sir,
And lead those men who fly
On their last and final mission
To Your airdrome in the sky,

I ask that I may be there Sir,
to make that journey too,
With throttles to the firewall,
Sir, let me follow You!

Business Card carried by some Aircrew members

Where in the World Have You Been?

I’ve been over the North Atlantic.
The weather was rough as hell.  
We had 100 knots crosswind.
And the thunderstorms were one big cell.
We fought the stuff for hours,
Till we thought we’d drop from sight
But we broke into the clear at Flores,
And the wine tasted good that night.

  Phil Goettel


It’s Sunday and I’m flying, God
Watching the navigator keep his log.
My body aches and my head’s in a fog.
I didn’t go to church today.

The nurses have their mission complete.
I’ll have to say it was really quite neat
This sextant is a pain in my seat.
I didn’t go to church today

We were headed toward Bermuda but turned around short.

I was hoping on takeoff we just might abort.
I’m tired of flying this airborne fort.
I didn’t go to church today

The sky surrounding is panted blue.
The brushed on clouds are just a few.
My day has taken on a different hue,
I’m in church.

  Phil Goettel

Departure from Dhahran, 28 March 1991

From lofty heights we fade from sight,
And bid you all farewell.
At two past the hour,
We put on the power
And sucked the wheels into the well.
In an hour and five, we oughta arrive.
But as we turn to the west,
We send you our best.
You all have a good Air Force Night!

  Buck Condie

A Midnight Ode to Alamo Wheels One, 8 May 1991

The sun was set, the day is spent
And darkness now surrounds
Cool’s the breeze and now I see
That desert rats abound

From shore to shore
They’re at your door
But you’ve no cause to worry.
For as you come, they start to run
Away from you’n a hurry.

The thing to fear, I tell you dear,
Now this gives me the shakes –
Is, as you’re sleeping
  Toward you creeping
A thousand poisonous snakes!

But don’t feel blue,
  There’s nothing you
Can do to stem the tide.
So ease your heart, the chances are
They won’t find you tonight.

And think again, among your friends
Has anyone been bit?
The answer’s no!
  Snakes crawl too slow
To catch these Air Force chicks.

Besides, we say, we know First Aid
And fore-warned is fore-armed.
  You’ve naught to fear
Help’s always near,
So rest in sleep most charmed.

Now off to bed, you sleepy head,
Snakes really are quite harmless.
So go to sleep and dream a dream
Of all those poisonous insects.

  Buck Condie

To America! – On our Return

America, the beautiful, your warriors of the sky
Have now returned to your embrace as down the coast we fly
We’re thirty minutes out from you;
We’ll land at your behest.
But before we do, we wish to make a list of our requests;
We want to put thee airplanes down in your state of Delaware.
Request you have some download help stand by to meet us there.
For the personnel that we brought back, have PERSCO standing by.
And have our families stand by too; you’re gonna see sparks fly!

And next request, for kith and kin,
We’d like some leisure days
To participate in all those things we missed,
While we were far away.
We want to raise a toast to you from alcoholic glasses
And when the drink is drunk, we want to see some bikini’d lasses.
We want to touch your hallow’d soil and walk along your beaches,
And breathe again from Freedom’s air
From coast to coast, it reaches.
And most of all, America, our cherished fantasy;
To join your ranks of citizens
From sea to shining sea!

Buck Condie, 31 May 1991, written between Westover Massachusetts and NCCA.


                          Tactical Airlift Squadron


        Any chance to crawl in the sack with you tonight?

 If so, keep this card.  If not, kindly return it, as they are expensive.

       I am not as good as I once was, BUT I am as good
                                   ONCE as I ever was.

                  P.S.  You don't have to say yes.  Just smile!