Bibliography of Delaware
Army National Guard History

A Delaware National Guard Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
National Archives and Record Administration (NARA: has the War Department Collection of
Revolutionary War Records, and Record Group 93.3 is RECORDS RELATING TO MILITARY ORGANIZATION
AND SERVICE 1775-1912. This has been microfilmed as series M880, and copies are available in many regional
repositories. Records related to Delaware units are
Reels        Subject
380        Militia, First Battalion, New Castle County
380        Militia, Second Battalion
380        Militia, Second Regiment
380-1        Militia, Second Regiment New Castle County
381        Militia, Seventh Battalion
382-393        Col. Hall's Continental Regiment (Delaware 1777-1783)
394        Col. Haslet's Continental Regiment (Delaware 1776)
394        Battalion Flying Camp (Col. Samuel Patterson, 1776)
395        Capt. Latimer's Independent Company (Sussex Co.)
395        Capt. William Peery's Independent Company (Militia, Sussex)
395        Delaware, Miscellaneous
For a bibliography of DE in the Revolution see U.S. Amy. Historical Resources Branch.

A General National Guard Bibliography

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National Archives
Records of the Adjutant General’s Office (1780s-1917) Record group number 94, 5730 cu. Ft.
Records of the Adjutant General’s Office (1917-1958) Record group number 407, 21,786 cu. Ft.
Delaware Military History